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Ace Trainer League - Updates
faedeur wrote in trainers_united
As mentioned before, there is an Ace Trainer League. It is a pokemon league built by those of us in Ace Trainers United. The league is still in the works, but here is what is currently done and under way.

Gym Leaders:
MetaZedlen - Steel
Cryptic - Dark
12 Rouge - Normal
Alex - All Types

Other gym leaders are to be decided.

The Elite Four and Champion will be a gradual process. The first person to beat all gym leaders will be the champion. When another trainer beats all leaders, he must then face the champion. The winner becomes the new champion. The loser becomes the Elite One. The next person, after fighting all leaders, must face the Elite One. If he wins, he fights the champion. If he wins, he becomes the new champion, and the forner becomes another member of the Elite Four. If he loses, he becomes another member of the Elite Four. The process continues until there are four Elite Four and a Champion. After that, any person who beats the champion and Elite Four will take place as the champion and the former champion becomes an Elite Four (at their discrecion). If that is the case, the oldest lasting Elite Four is removed to make room for the new one.

The above is if there are fewer trainers than hoped.

The alternative method, involving a greater ammount of trainers, would be a more tournament style. The 8 top trainers will combat one another. The winner will be the Champion. The four runner-ups will be the Elite Four.

Other methods may arrive in time. But for now, this is what is set. More updates about the Ace Trainer League is to come.


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